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Our 9 hydros combined in a pack, 9 g or 18 g version. They are all so different, each having their own characteristics and qualities that it's impossible not to find the one that suits you best! The range of tastes and smells they cover is extremely wide and varied, we bet this will be the best selection of CBD flowers you have ever tasted and that your favorite(s) will be in this batch.

  1. Runtz Muffin
  2. Sunset Sherbet
  3. Mango Kush
  4. Critical +2.0
  5. Limoncello
  6. Blue Cheese
  7. Wedding Cake
  8. Amnesia Haze
  9. Blackberry Kush

1 g of each to get a glimpse or 2 g of each variety to really test and prolong the pleasure!

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