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CBD'UP the cheap high quality CBD shop by les papys bonheur

We are 4 grandpas from France (Martial 85 years old), Morocco (Mohamed 77 years old), Canada (Jean 73 years old), and a young French boy (Fabien 47 years old) in short, we are Earthlings, although sometimes we wonder !

Our love for the French language, ecology and Cannabis has brought us together for many years already.

For more than 50 years we have been following the Hemp market around the world. We are still all consumers, each in a different way with different products, it is also obvious that as we age we have adapted our consumption methods...

It is not too early, but it is clear that the various governments are finally recognizing the virtues of this plant, although in France, for once, this development has been slower than elsewhere. For traditional THC plants, you will certainly have to wait a long time.

Since everyone has different tastes and expectations, consumption methods specific to each one, our credo is to be able to offer products for all palates, all expectations, all generations (from 18 years eh!) we will not limit ourselves only to the products that we appreciate.

We leave it to our little youngster to manage this site, our only job is to test the products and let you enjoy them at completely barge prices, because CBD'UP is designed for your pleasure but also to ours ! None of us has the soul of a trader but faced with the exaggeration of dubious products and prices offered on the internet or even in stores, we have decided to share our expertise with those around us by selecting the best products on the market. , thus was born CBD'UP!

Tired of business man, we want to share, You will surely be very few to read these few lines well hidden in the footers, where no one wastes their time, but if you are reading them, congratulations to you , you will discover our little secret:

Admittedly, we are not philanthropists, but we are even less businessmen, we are not here to make money, what we want is to share as much as possible at near cost prices so that we we can even take advantage of the products we consume at low cost, in short that everyone is happy, hence our very attractive prices for impeccable quality, and the more the merrier we are, the lower the prices will be! If you have read these lines and now know who you are dealing with, let us know by registering on the site and attaching a message with these simple words: inflated grandpas. To these words add your favorite product category, and your first order will work magic... And congratulations, you should still want to read these lines!

CBD'UP the coolest really cheap high quality CBD shop on the market!