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Nobilis oils are far superior to others both for the expected benefits and in their designs (no trace of heavy metals, no potentially harmful solvents etc etc), which explains our choice to offer them to you. Explanations:

The Nobilis "Full Spectrum" oil production method

To extract the molecular richness of hemp flowers without damaging it, Nobilis uses the process of CO2 extraction in the supercritical state.

Unlike the majority of CBD oils on the market, no potentially harmful solvents have been used. Thus, the crude (hemp sap) contained in this oil is extremely pure. 

This is followed by several distillations to remove the vegetable fat as well as certain substances such as chlorophyll. Throughout this process, the temperature is scrupulously controlled in order to preserve the active ingredients of hemp. 

The solution is then cooled and mixed with hemp seed oil (from organic farming) to obtain a light and fluid oil, loaded with the organic soul of hemp. 

The Nobilis "broad spectrum" oil production method

Nobilis has developed a complex extraction process that is still little practiced on the market. Indeed, their broad spectrum CBD oils are obtained from the mixture of organic hemp seed oil grown in France to which is added CBD distillate. The distillate is a noble extract that contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids but from which the THC has been removed by distillation.

During this process, the temperature is scrupulously controlled in order to preserve the precious terpenes as well as the phytocannabinoids such as CBG (Cannabigerol), CBC (Cannabichromene), CBN (Cannabinol) and of course CBD (Cannabidiol).

The solution is then cooled to obtain a light and fluid oil, without vegetable fat, pesticides or heavy metals. Simply the best on the market.

The manufacturing method of innovative oils

Same method as broad-spectrum oils with the addition of CBN and/or CBG isolate