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This heating action CBD Arnica cream helps relieve muscle and joint pain. Whether it is chronic or occasional inflammation, the application of this formula will help with a targeted action on the painful areas.

It's a pretty versatile formula. It can be used by sedentary, active people or even sportsmen. People who experience muscle, tendon or joint pain.

It can be applied both to the muscular areas (calves, thighs, back, etc.) and to the joint areas (ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders, etc.).

Its formula enriched with broad-spectrum CBD and its 7 active ingredients is complete and helps to reduce muscle inflammation or joint pain of chronic origin, or injuries or occasional discomfort.

Very versatile, it can be applied in the morning, during the day, or even in the evening before going to bed, it is managed according to the intensity of the pain.

The sensation after application will be a slight sensation of freshness caused by the menthol, then a slight sensation of warmth and finally a slightly anesthetic action.

You can also use it for female discomfort, applied to the lower abdomen, and its heating action also helps to reduce this type of pain.


L- GLUTAMINE, MENTHOL, CAMPHOR, HARPAGOPHYTUM, GULTHERIA OIL, ARNICA. water, potassium cetyl phosphate, ethylhexyl, stearate, cetearyl alcohol (vegetable), clay, vegetable glycerin, methyl salicylate, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl palmitate, propylene glycol, xanthan gum, sodium polyacrylate, inulin lauryl carbamate, lactic acid , dehydroacetic acid, sodium hydroxide. Contains 250mg of CBD.

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