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Marée de magnifique têtes de Blackberry Kush 10 % CBD
Superbe tête de Blackberry Kush 10 % CBD très sombre
Marée de magnifique têtes de Blackberry Kush 10 % CBD
Superbe tête de Blackberry Kush 10 % CBD très sombre

CBD BLACKBERRY KUSH FLOWER - 10% - Indoor hydroponics

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A crazy CBD Blackberry Kush flower, another real little bomb delivered by passionate hemp growers but above all really very very strong...respect!

Blackberry Kush is an indica-dominant cannabis flower variety popular for its relaxing effects and powerful taste.

Its origin is still debated although a large majority think that it comes from a cross between a Blackberry and an Afghani, ultimately its origin does not matter as long as the taste pleasure and relaxing effects are present!

Its buds covered in trichomes are dense and generous. You will find aromas and a complex taste of black berries and spices with a long lasting taste. To the eye it has a magnificent, very dark mauve color. Another superb success story in the world of CBD. Tastes and aromas are unmatched, giving you a unique experience with this stunning CBD blackberry kush flower!

We remind you here that all our flowers are intended to be infused or vaporized.Besides :

Prepare your infusion correctly (it’s crucial):

Leave to infuse for around ten minutes in boiling water with a fatty substance (whole milk, vegetable milk (soy, almond, etc.), butter, vegetable oil (coconut, olive etc.), crème fraîche, etc.), in short, according to your tastes.

Why add fat?

All the active ingredients (CBD and others) contained in hemp are hydrophobic, they need lipids (i.e. fat) to circulate in our bodies and allow us to benefit from all their virtues .

Give your decarboxylated infusions a boost!

Kesako? We will try to keep it simple. Decarboxylation is a process that causes the chemical structure of cannabinoids to change under heat. When the herb is smoked, this process happens on its own, but for a good infusion it is up to us to prepare it well!

To do this it is not complicated but it is a bit long, so you might as well prepare a good quantity in advance. Here is the simplest method. Set your oven to 110°C, put baking paper on a tray and (optional) roughly crumble your buds on it. Bake when the oven is hot for 30 to 45 minutes. For the duration, everything will depend on several factors, which is why you will have to monitor from 30 minutes to control. The grass should be crumbly and have taken on a golden color. All that remains is to store and consume.

CBD 10% - THC less than 0.3% in accordance with European standards

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